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Restoration (Tooth-Colored Fillings)

Our excellent specialized staff at Leslie North Dental Clinic combine functional tooth repair with state-of-the-art cosmetic tooth-coloured fillings. When a tooth’s function and structure are compromised, it is a stressful experience that impacts the quality of life. With today’s tools and techniques, a tooth’s function and aesthetic design can be restored to become as good as new. At Leslie North, we pride ourselves on providing teeth restorations that function, feel, and look as natural as ever.

When a tooth gets damaged from cavities or physical impact, its function, form, and integrity can be lost. There are well-established methods to return the tooth to its original functional and aesthetic state in these cases. Namely, there are two different approaches for restoring damaged teeth: One is Direct Restoration, and another is Indirect restoration.

Direct restoration typically needs only one visit to the dentist. It involves using a soft, malleable filling that is carefully injected into the tooth. Once the dental filler fills the target area, it conforms itself to restore the tooth’s shape and function and hardens to complete the restoration process.

An indirect restoration is a more extensive procedure that involves taking dental impressions of the damaged tooth and using externally prepared materials such as crowns, veneers, and bridges to restore the tooth’s aesthetic and functional characteristics. Click here to see how Leslie North Dental can suit your indirect restoration needs.

For the patient, there is no need to prepare for a restoration procedure. There are two parts to the restoration process:

1.Preparing the tooth.

    1. The dentist prepares the tooth for restoration by cutting out areas of the weakened structure or dental decay.

    2. Occasionally, your dentist may use a temporary restoration when full restoration cannot occur within the same session.

2.Placing the restorative material onto the target tooth.

    1. Direct restoration

      1. The dentist applies the restorative material directly to the prepared tooth and lets it harden to complete the restoration process.

    2. Indirect restoration

      1. After preparation is complete, the dentist takes an impression of the tooth to send it to a design technician to prepare the custom-fit restoration material.

      2. On a second visit, the dentist applies the custom-made restoration onto the prepared tooth with a permanent bond.

Restoration Tooth-Colored Fillings

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    Types of Direct Restoration

    For direct restoration, dentists have many options to choose the most appropriate fit for each unique scenario. Here are three of the most common restoration materials.

    • Advantages
    1. Same color as natural teeth.
    2. Cheaper than gold restorations.
    3. Done in one appointment.
    • Disadvantages
    1. It breaks more easily than amalgam or gold and may not last as long.
    2. Costs more than amalgam fillings.
    3. Recurring decay is more frequent with this than with amalgam or gold fillings.
    • Advantages
    1. Same color as natural teeth.
    2. It contains fluoride, which is a healthy mineral for teeth.
    3. Simpler to apply than composite fillings.
    4. Cheaper than gold restorations.
    5. Done in one appointment.
    • Disadvantages
    1. It has a shorter lifetime than other fillers and is not as strong.
    2. Cost more than amalgam fillings.
    • Advantages
    1. Same color as natural teeth.
    2. Can be combined with a metal for a reinforced restoration.
    3. Last a very long time.
    • Disadvantages
    1. For teeth that bite down hard, porcelain filling may break.
    2. Indirect fillings; therefore, more than one appointment is required.
    3. More expensive than most other filling types.


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