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Cancer Screening

Early detection of cancer is critical for a successful return to good health.  Cancer screenings allow patients to detect oral cancer early and increase the likelihood of a cure. During a regular dental examination, the dentist checks the mouth for any symptoms of oral cancer. Although dental health primarily considers the teeth and gums, it is important to remember dental health plays an important part in the body’s overall health. Hence the importance of routine checkups.

The tissue cells inside the mouth are quite resilient; however, when consistent stress is applied from smoking, friction, or alcohol, the tissues may develop sores where oral cancer may form.

Typically, oral cancer forms on the floor of the mouth, the lips, and the side of the tongue. However, oral cancer refers to cancer that affects any part of the oral cavity.

  • tobacco
  • heavy alcohol consumption
  • human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • previous cancer
  • excessive sun exposure (especially of the lips)
  • poor oral health
  • family history of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)
  • diet low in vegetables and fruits
  • weakened immune system

At earlier stages, oral cancer can be more difficult to identify and can easily go undetected without a dental examination. In addition to regular visits to the dentists, always be aware of strange symptoms that don’t heal after two weeks and consult your dentist in such events.

Other symptoms include:

  • painful swallowing
  • Growth of a lump on the tongue, lips, or in the mouth
  • bleeding in the mouth
  • white patches, red patches, or mixed red and white patches on the lips or in the mouth
  • Inner cheek lining becomes thicker
  • loose teeth
  • numbness of the tongue or lips
  • swelling of the jaw
  • changes in voice
  • an earache that doesn’t go away
Cancer screening

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