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    Professional Emergency Dentist in Newmarket

    Our aim at Leslie North Dental is to deliver a broad range of emergency dental treatments to ensure your oral health is in proper shape. Here we take pride in working with a highly trained and experienced emergency dentist in Newmarket who combines quick treatments with modern technology to alleviate severe pain and eliminate the risk of further complications.

    Therefore, the appropriate reaction to successfully deal with serious dental conditions is to contact our emergency dental clinic in Newmarket. As we all know, severe dental emergencies may suddenly occur, and they require quick treatments.

    If you wait a long time to receive your needed treatments to solve even minor dental problems, you are more prone to experience severe complications that threaten your overall health. Do not hesitate to contact us for emergency dental services in Newmarket and get back your healthy smile in no time.


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    FAQs Answered by Our Newmarket Emergency Dentist

    Those seeking urgent dental care are always stressed because severe dental problems can cause pain and discomfort. Therefore, we list common questions people may frequently ask before undergoing their required emergency dental treatments in our Newmarket clinic to make you feel more relaxed.

    What are the initial steps to manage emergency dental conditions?

    Don’t panic when a severe type of dental emergency suddenly occurs. As mentioned before, the best possible solution to stay away from all negative consequences of dental emergencies is to visit the nearest urgent care providers. But as Newmarket emergency dentist says, the following recommendation will help you to properly manage the condition before receiving urgent dental care:

    • You are allowed to take some doses of over-the-counter medication to alleviate your pain temporarily.
    • Placing a cold compress on the affected site is very beneficial to control bleeding and relieve the pain.
    • You should avoid applying extra pressure to the affected area. Therefore, you should avoid chewing hard and crunchy food.
    • Try to be calm and relaxed because you are more prone to make wrong decisions and worsen your condition when anxious.

    Our clinic is also well-reputed for providing affordable and pain-free treatments such as tooth extraction, endodontic treatment, and various oral surgeries to solve your conditions properly. Contact to book an emergency dental appointment in Newmarket right now.

    Is it beneficial to call emergency dental clinics before having a trip to visit their professional emergency team?

    It is recommended that you contact the dental center before going to the clinic because this will allow them to have a better picture of your dental emergency and the actions they need to take. Contact Leslie North Dental at 9052351199 and let our highly-skilled emergency dentist in Newmarket know all your symptoms.

    When Should You Visit an Emergency Dentist?

    As soon as you notice any of the following symptoms, you should go to visit our highly-skilled emergency dentist in Newmarket as soon as possible:

    -Unbearable & persistent toothaches

    -Bleeding or swollen gums

    Impacted wisdom teeth

    -Severely injured or knocked-out teeth

    How to Deal with a Severe Dental Emergency

    As discussed earlier, the best possible reaction to cope with severe dental emergencies is immediately visiting a knowledgeable and sophisticated emergency dentist like the one who provides exceptional and beneficial emergency dental services at Leslie North Dental.

    Besides, our highly-skilled emergency dental professional will teach Newmarket’s residents useful recommendations that can help them avoid further risks.

    What Are the Most Common Dental Emergencies?

    Generally, those who suffer from sharp dental pain wonder if they are experiencing severe dental emergencies that require immediate treatment. Below there is a list of the most common dental emergencies that require urgent dental care immediately:

    • A knocked-out tooth
    • Severe dental pain
    • Dental infection
    • Severe tooth sensitivity
    • Chipped or broken tooth
    • Lost filling or crown

    Our professional emergency dentists in Newmarket have helped countless patients who need urgent dental care to solve their severely infected or fractured teeth. The other examples of severe dental problems that should be immediately checked are severe gum diseases requiring certain oral surgeries.

    We have also a dedicated cosmetic dental team who can provide you with various services, including tooth veneers, whitening treatment, and dental implants. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

    Why Leslie North Dental ?

    We make sure you feel like you’re at home throughout your dental treatment journey.

    Professional Team

    Our dentists are all recognized by leading industry organizations, and work with the best clinical partners and dental labs to provide you with top-notch dental care.

    Committed to safety

    We are always prioritizing your safety at every step by taking measure such as health screening, sanitization, enhanced PPE etc.

    Comprehensive Dental Care

    From general dentistry, dental implants and same day crown fittings, to cosmetic dentistry such as invisalign & teeth whitening at Leslie North Dental we offer the highest level of dental care.

    Flexible Payment Options

    In order to facilitate your dental treatments, we accept almost all the insurance coverages and we also offer installment payments for specific treatments.

    What are you waiting for?

    If you’re ready for a long-term solution to missing teeth, you will need a qualified dentist to set the right foundation so you can enjoy decades of beautiful smiles. At Leslie North Dental, our experienced and dedicated staff takes care of transforming your smile to its fully functional and aesthetic potential. Click here to book an appointment and start your transformation!