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Tooth grinding, also known as Bruxism, most often occurs during sleep. Grinding wears down the tooth enamel, which cannot be replaced once it’s gone, and may also chip or crack the teeth. The consequences of chronic Bruxism tend to be costly and uncomfortable, hence why it’s essential to address the issue as soon as possible.

Night Guards are an excellent solution for tooth grinding, as they provide a protective cushion for the teeth and eliminate the tooth-on-tooth contact. There are different types of nightguards: over the counter, custom-made, and NTI.

Night Guard

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    These nightguards can be found for approximately $30 at most pharmacies. Although they are the easiest types to access, they are not the most comfortable or effective type because the shape of over the counter guards doesn’t often conform to an individual’s unique teeth very well.

    Some over the counter nightguards have a degree of customization in that they are “boil and bite” nightguards. For these types, the guard initially comes as a plastic u-shaped tray, and when boiled, the plastic becomes malleable. After biting the malleable plastic, the nightguard begins to shape itself to the individual’s teeth, making it conform better. However, these are not as accurate as custom made nightguards.

    Custom nightguards are the most accurate and effective form of nightguards. To acquire custom made guards, a dentist takes a mold of the patient’s teeth, which is then sent to a laboratory specializing in mouthguard manufacturing. These nightguards are made of hard and durable plastic and can last a long time. Though they come at the highest cost, they are the most effective and comfortable type of nightguard.

    • Worn-down enamel
    • Soreness in the jaw or face
    • Frequent headaches
    • Waking up at night with a clenching of the teeth.
    • Increased tooth sensitivity.

    Finding the root cause of tooth grinding may significantly reduce the problem in the long term. If your tooth grinding is correlated to high-stress levels, consulting a counselor may help alleviate the stress and reduce the grinding.

    Other potential methods of reducing tooth grinding:

    • Avoid alcohol
    • Avoid caffeine (especially before sleep)
    • Try to calm your mind before bedtime with breathing exercises or mediation.

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