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We at Leslie North Dental concentrate on providing effective, safe, and affordable cosmetic dental treatments in Newmarket to craft movie-star smiles for our patients. Our dental team takes great pride in offering professional cosmetic dental procedures and ensuring you get the smile you have always desired.
Our entire group is handpicked, focusing on their experience, expertise, and attention to detail. Together, we provide a full range of cosmetic dental services in Newmarket under one roof. Leslie North Dental has established an excellent reputation as a leading Newmarket cosmetic dentistry center. Reach us through a phone call and book an appointment with our top-rated cosmetic dentist.

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    FAQs Answered by our Newmarket Cosmetic Dentist

    As discussed earlier, cosmetic dentistry has significantly improved during the past years and allows more and more candidates to gain their desired smile with proper oral functionality. Some top-quality options are available nowadays to help you achieve what you deserve during a single dental visit. However, these wide ranges of cosmetic dental options may confuse some patients and leave them with a lot of questions. That’s why we provide some common questions with their responses that you frequently ask during your Newmarket cosmetic dental appointments:

    What is the Most Cost-effective Cosmetic Dental Option?

    Don’t postpone the process of aesthetically enhancing your smile through cosmetic dental treatments in Newmarket due to financial matters. This is because not only do we proudly provide a wide range of affordable solutions to beautify your smile, but also we offer payment plans to suit our valued patients’ budgets. Teeth whitening and dental bonding are the most inexpensive cosmetic dental options commonly performed in our clinic to remove dental discoloration and conceal minor chips and cracks.


    Are You an Eligible Candidate for Cosmetic Dental Services?

    Those who decide to improve their smile through cosmetic dental treatments should make an appointment with a dedicated cosmetic dentist and discuss the best possible solutions that properly meet their dental needs.

    At Leslie North Dental, our professionally-equipped cosmetic dental team will perform a thorough examination and take an X-ray to diagnose your invisible dental conditions and treat them before your required treatments begin. We carefully determine which cosmetic dental services in our Newmarket clinic is the best for you. Get in touch with our team and book your appointment.

    Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Services

    Times have changed, and cosmetic dentistry is not exclusively for celebrities and the rich anymore. Besides, cosmetic dental procedures are not just about the look of your teeth and smile. We, as a top-rated cosmetic dental team in Newmarket, consider far more than just improving your smile’s appearance. Cosmetic dentistry can also prevent many dental emergencies. Cosmetic dental services bring about countless benefits, including:

    • Better oral health
    • Improving nutrition
    • Enhancing your smile
    • Boosting your self-confidence
    • Improving your bite
    • And many more

    To maximize the advantages of cosmetic dentistry, you only need to contact us at Leslie North Dental and schedule your appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Newmarket.

    The Most Common Cosmetic Dental Services

    Thanks to technological advancements, a diverse range of successful yet affordable cosmetic dental services are available to help you enjoy the rest of your life with the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen. In the following parts, we outline some of the highly-requested cosmetic dental treatments provided by Leslie North Dental:

    At Leslie North Dental, we will try our best to concentrate on the individual’s dental needs to successfully treat them through safe and effective cosmetic dental procedures in Newmarket. Give us a phone call if you need more information about our beneficial dental services.

    Professional Team

    Our dentists are all recognized by leading industry organizations, and work with the best clinical partners and dental labs to provide you with top-notch dental care.

    Committed to safety

    We are always prioritizing your safety at every step by taking measure such as health screening, sanitization, enhanced PPE etc.

    Comprehensive Dental Care

    From general dentistry, dental implants and same day crown fittings, to cosmetic dentistry such as invisalign & teeth whitening at Leslie North Dental we offer the highest level of dental care.

    Flexible Payment Optioans

    In order to facilitate your dental treatments, we accept almost all the insurance coverages and we also offer installment payments for specific treatments.

    What are you waiting for?

    If you’re ready for a long-term solution to missing teeth, you will need a qualified dentist to set the right foundation so you can enjoy decades of beautiful smiles. At Leslie North Dental, our experienced and dedicated staff takes care of transforming your smile to its fully functional and aesthetic potential. Click here to book an appointment and start your transformation!