If you are tired of hiding your teeth when you smile, it’s time to consider improving it. Your smile is an important part of your character and can make you a more attractive person if it’s flawless. Many pay attention to the smile when they meet a person for the first time as the most important factor. But what can you do if your teeth are discolored, missing, chipped, or cracked? The good news is cosmetic dentistry has been improving day by day to provide the best procedures to help patients smile. Our dedicated team of dentists at Leslie North Dental can offer you the best cosmetic dental care services to enhance the appearance of your smile and make you feel more confident about yourself. No matter what condition you are in, your cosmetic dentist is experienced enough to find the most suitable treatment plan according to your needs and personal preferences. Cosmetic dentists have always been a good solution to all aesthetic problems people face. If you don’t know where to start, this blog explains everything you need about cosmetic dentistry and how it can be beneficial.

Cosmetic DentistryWhat are the common types of cosmetic dental procedures?

  • Dental veneers:Several types of veneers are provided in cosmetic dentistry. Typically, cosmetic veneers are used to cover the front surface of chipped, cracked, or severely discolored teeth. These thin, tooth-colored shells can be made from porcelain or composite material, and you should choose one of them based on your needs.
  • Dental implants:If you have missing teeth, it’s important to replace them with full or partial dentures, implants, or bridges. However, dental implants are the most popular option that can replace all your teeth (all-on-4 implants) or just one or a few missing teeth. You can consult our experienced Newmarket implant dentists to see whether you are qualified for this treatment. Getting dental implants requires dental surgery, and not everyone is a qualified candidate.
  • Teeth whitening:This is one of the most popular options used to whiten discolored teeth. If you don’t like the appearance of your stained teeth, at-office teeth whitening is highly recommended.
  • Dental crowns:These amazing dental caps are similar to veneers. Typically, cosmetic dentists use dental crowns when the damaged tooth needs more protection and coverage.

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

  • Prevention:Your cosmetic dentists perform professional cleaning and checkups every time you visit them. Therefore, it’s less likely to experience further dental emergencies and problems if you visit your cosmetic dentist on a regular basis.
  • Improved self-confidence:Procedures like teeth whitening, fluoride therapy, or veneers can improve your teeth’ health and appearance. Therefore, you will feel much better about your smile and yourself.
  • Improved health:Your cosmetic dentist teaches you how to hold adequate oral hygiene to keep your teeth shiny all the time. They can also give you further tips, like using a night guard at night or playing sports to protect your smile.

Investing in your smile is worth all your money and time. So don’t waste time and visit our dentists today!


23 Jan, 2019

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